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【E-girls】Last minute ticket sales for E-girls LIVE TOUR 2018 ~E.G. 11~ Fukuoka show!

☆Last minute tickets to be sold!
There are many people who applied for the tickets to
"E-girls LIVE TOUR 2018 ~E.G. 11~"! Thank you very much!
With the stage plan already finalized, extra seats will be up for grabs!

*Requests for refund will not be accommodated and the seats cannot be changed after the ticket has been purchased and after entering the venue.
*The opening time and starting time of the shows are subject to change.
*Tickets are required for customers who are 6 years old and older, and children below this age are not allowed to enter the concert venue.
*Some parts of the performance may be changed depending on circumstances.

<Ban on resale>
It is forbidden to resell the tickets to any third party regardless of the reasons.
It is also prohibited to give the tickets to any third party who will then resell it afterwards.
When giving the tickets to friends or acquaintances,
please inform them about the ban on reselling to any third party (including online auctions, etc.).

<The following shows are open for applications>

【Application Time】6/28[Thu.] 20:00~
*The reservation will be carried out on a first come, first served basis. The ticket sales will be over once the set limit has been reached.
*Payment can be made by credit cards only.

▼Click here to apply and purchase the tickets!

*Please check and confirm the application procedure carefully before applying for the tickets.

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