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【Nonoka Yamaguchi】Appearance in the final episode of NTV's drama "Hotel on the Brink!", on air from 22:30 on 6/17 (Sun.)

NTV's drama "Hotel on the Brink!" starring Takanori Iwata will come to the final episode soon.
Kenjiro Yamashita and Nonoka Yamaguchi will appear in the final episode which will be aired from 22:30 on 6/17 (Sun.)!

They will make a "perfect" guest appearance!
What kind of roles will they play and where will they appear? Please watch the final episode and find out yourself♪

【Takanori Iwata's Comment】
I am happy to hear that they will make a surprise appearance in the final episode.
How are they connected with Grande Inversao Hotel which has many characters with distinct personalities? I am excited and cannot wait to see!
The two of them look great in uniforms. So cool!

【Kenjiro Yamashita's Comment】
I am so happy to know that I will appear in the drama starring GUN chan who is on the same group as me!
I will do my best to contribute for the drama!
I felt nervous and excited when I wore hotel uniform for the first time!
I was not sure if the uniform fitted me, but I did my best to play a hotel employee!
GUN chan is getting to the good part of filming. While busy with the filming, he told me he was happy that another member from our group could come to the filming site. I am so happy to hear him say that!

【Nonoka Yamaguchi's Comment】
I have been a fan and watching the drama since day one. I feel so happy that I could appear in this drama...!
The cast members and staff members on the filming site are all so excellent.
I feel nervous to appear in the same drama with Iwata and Yamashita, but I am looking forward to it at the same time! I finished my part with such feelings!

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