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【Anna Ishii】~★On sale today★~ Blu-ray & DVD of the movie "The Anthem of the Heart" released on 3/7 (Wed.)

The Blu-ray & DVD of the movie "The Anthem of the Heart" screened in July are released today, 3/7 (Wed.)! Anna Ishii appeared in this movie!

The 4 cast members who got along well with each other at the filming site gathered together again after a long time to film comment videos! Apart from the videos, original bonuses will also be presented to you in the Blu-ray & DVD package! Let's enjoy the wonderful time again!

Be sure to check them out♪

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The movie "The Anthem of the Heart"
featuring Anna Ishii
was screened nationwide from 7/22 (Sat.)!!

The original hit anime
was finally made into a live-action movie.

A girl "whose words have been sealed away" is appointed to play the main lead of a musical.
Her destiny is changed after she encounters a boy who is her classmate.

◆Official Trailer◆

【Anna Ishii's Comments】
When I was reading the script, my heart was filled with warmth.
All the characters in the story are always shining, which makes me look forward to playing the role.
I am currently practicing cheerleading and musical. To create an excellent work with my excellent classmates
and to make beautiful memories of our youth together, I will go all out.
In the meantime, to convey my true feelings to you through the movie, I will work hard till the very end! Please support the movie "Kokosake"!

Takumi Sakagami・・・Kento Nakajima
Jun Naruse・・・Kyoko Yoshine
Natsuki Nito・・・Anna Ishii
Daiki Tasaki・・・Kanichiro
Izumi Naruse・・・Nene Otsuka
Kazuki Jōshima・・・Yoshiyoshi Arakawa

Naoto Kumazawa

Yukiko Manabe

Official homepage of the movie
"The Anthem of the Heart"

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