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【Lesson 38 "What does this proverb mean? -part 1-"】Crystal Kay CORNER "Kuri Nee no Eigo de Shaberima SHOW"!

Exclusive for LDH mobile! Crystal Kay "Kuri Onee no Eigo de Shaberima SHOW"!!

Sister Kuri, also known as Crystal Kay, will teach you English conversations which you cannot find in schoolbooks and texts but can actually use abroad!

If you learn these phrases, you might become friends with foreigners you like!

【Lesson 38】
"What does this proverb mean? -part 1-"

"easy come easy go"
→Things easily acquired may be lost just as easily.
→Soon gotten soon spent.

If you are interested in the usage of phrases and their meanings, please stay tuned for "Kuri Nee no Eigo de Shaberima SHOW"!!
Try to use these phrases in your everyday conversations♪

Moreover, if you have questions such as "How to say this Japanese sentence in English?" or "How to pronounce this word?", please mention Crystal Kay's official Twitter account or add the hashtag below and then tweet the question you want to ask her on Twitter☆


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