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【Leola】In celebration of the advance release of the latest song "Sunshine & Happiness", a present campaign has been launched!

Leola's mini album "LOVE, LIFE & LAUGHTER" will be released on 8/1 (Wed.).
"Sunshine & Happiness" from this album will be released in advance on 6/18 (Mon.)!

In celebration of the release of this song, a present campaign has been launched on LINE MUSIC, iTunes and RecoChoku where you might have the chance to get "a poster with Leola's handwritten signature"☆

Be sure to join the campaign♪

【Designated Product】
"Sunshine & Happiness"
will be available from 00:00 on 6/18 (Mon.).

【Application Period】
6/18 (Mon.) 00:00 ~ 6/24 (Sun.) 23:59

Posters with Leola's handwritten signature will be given away to 5 people!

【How to apply】
Please purchase the single "Sunshine & Happiness" and make an application through the special form.

After you purchase the song on iTunes, please share it through the library.
1. Purchase "Sunshine & Happiness" which is available on iTunes and tap the "share album" button in the library or the "↑" button on the top right corner of the product page.
2. When the share window is open, please select [Twitter].
3. When the tweet screen is shown, please add "#Leola_ポスター応募" and post it on Twitter.

Set this song as the background music of LINE profile, share the screenshot on Twitter with the hashtag "#Leola_LINEBGM" to apply.
1) Download and install"LINE MUSIC" app.
2) Follow Sony Music Associated Records's official Twitter account (https://twitter.com/SMARinfo).
3) Log into "LINE MUSIC" and play Leola's "Sunshine & Happiness".
4) Tap on "BGM" on LINE's "profile page" and set the song as the background music. *Click here to see how to set the background music.
5) Take a screenshot when the setting is done and share the screenshot on Twitter with the hashtag "#Leola_LINEBGM".
*Points needing attention when posting the tweet
・We will contact the winners by sending them a direct message from Sony Music Associated Records Official Twitter Account (https://twitter.com/SMARinfo), so be sure to follow the official Twitter account.
If we cannot get in touch with you after you win, your winning will become invalid. Thank you for your understanding.
・If you post the screenshot of the LINE profile page, LINE ID and other information will be revealed to the public.
Please process the screenshot first and post a picture that is suitable for social media.
・Those who have a Twitter account. *Those who make their account private cannot participate.
・Those who currently live in Japan.
・You can post as many tweets as you like, but the present is only for one tweet from one person.
・During the application period, if you unfollow the official Twitter account, your application will become invalid. Please understand that beforehand.

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