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TBS's "SHUUKAN EXILE" on air from 01:33 on 7/10 (Tue.)

will be aired from 01:33 on 7/10 (Tue.)!

Tonight's SHUUKAN EXILE is...
a feature on
Road to "STAR OF WISH"
"EXILE FRIDAY" was a project where new songs were released on the first Friday of 6 consecutive months.
The last digital single "STEP UP" was released on 7/6 (Fri.)!!
Filming of the lyric video which was produced by EXILE TETSUYA, Sekai and Taiki Sato will be presented this week!
Tracks included in the original album "STAR OF WISH" scheduled for release on 7/25 (Wed.) will be introduced!!

More precious footage about LDH Presents GIRLS AUDITION, LDH EUROPE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITIONS ~THE GLOBAL STAR SEARCH~, etc. will be available only on SHUUKAN EXILE!
Don't miss out!

★TBS TV Tuesday 01:33~
★HBC TV Friday 02:33~
★CBC TV Saturday 02:41~
★MBS TV Tuesday 01:40~
★RSK TV Saturday 02:10~
★IBC TV Tuesday 01:35~

*Program content and broadcast schedule are subject to change.

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