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【Satoshi Miyata】Appearance on Community FM's "Kanon Sound Of Oasis", on air nationwide from 20:00 on 1/13 (Sat.)

Satoshi Miyata will appear on Community FM's "Kanon Sound Of Oasis"
which will be aired nationwide from 20:00 to 20:55 on 1/13 (Sat.)!

Be sure to tune in!!

◆The program "Kanon sound of oasis" can be enjoyed via nearby Community Broadcasting as well as on JCBA Internet Simul Radio (with Internet connection).
If you want to listen to the program on PC, smartphone or tablet, just click "LISTEN" on the station website.
*JCBA Internet Simul Radio (http://www.jcbasimul.com)

Click here for broadcast stations of Sound Of Oasis↓

Click here for the Facebook page of this program↓

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