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PUMA TSUGI×PKCZ® collaborative product coming soon!


PUMA TSUGI×PKCZ® collaborative product "TSUGI DISC PKCZ" is coming soon!

The collaborative shoe adapts TSUGI DISC Monolith which was used in the first half of the 1990s to replace shoelaces with DISC system on the upper part.
The device reflecting the indispensable DISC concept in DJ set integrates PUMA's unique DISC technique with PKCZ's characteristic.
People can adjust shoe's fit simply by rotating the dial on the surface.

Although TSUGI DISC PKCZ is produced based on TSUGI DISC Monolith,
collaborative elements are hidden in details. "音" is printed on the front part of the right shoe while "楽" is printed on the same part of the left.
Moreover, "Loosen, Tighten" in regular DSIC system is changed into "Future, Past"
and the big "PUMA" on the heel band of the regular shoes is changed into "PKCZ".
The collaboration logo is printed on the insole too.
Besides, Leadcat PKCZ will come out as must-have sport sandals in the following season.
Made in the same color as that of the sandal, the label of the collaboration logo is attached to the band. What's more, "PKCZ" is added to the heel and the same collaboration logo as that of TSUGI DISC PKCZ is printed on the insole as well.

Integrating technique with music, TSUGI's latest product TSUGI DISC PKCZ is scheduled to be sold from 3/23 (Fri.)
at PUMA stores, PUMA online store (jp.puma.com), designated stores to sell PUMA products,
PKCZ® GALLERY STORE and PKCZ® GALLERY STORE online shop (pkcz-gallery.com).


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