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【Detailed information about the release celebration event is announced!】Nobuyuki Suzuki's 1st photo book "FACE" to be released on 2/2 (Fri.)!! Reservations underway & release celebration event coming soon!

Nobuyuki Suzuki's 1st photo book "FACE" will be released soon!!

It is an "up-close" photo book filled with everyday photos that cannot be seen at other times.
In addition to new photos, you will also see childhood photos which will be disclosed for the first time.
There are also "150 Questions & 150 Answers" corner where you can get to know about his private life and a 10,000 character interview in which he talks about his life as an actor.
The photo book also comes with bonus backstage footage!

■Nobuyuki Suzuki's Comment
"It is the first time for me to shoot photos for a photo book. Thanks to the support from a lot of staff members, such an amazing photo book could be created. It is full of expressions that you have never seen before!! I rented the costumes myself and thought about styling, which made me learn a lot!! Although it is too early to say this, I also want to publish my second and third photo books. Since this photo book is my first one, it is packed with genuineness. So I highly recommend that you get one!! I am happy to take this opportunity to see you!!"

≫Nobuyuki Suzuki's 1st Photo Book "FACE" Sample Image≪
Sample Image

■Release celebration event
A release celebration event will be held at Book1st Shinjuku Store in Tokyo on February 3 (Sat.) and at Kinokuniya Books Grand Front Osaka Store in Osaka on February 4 (Sun.). Detailed information has been unveiled!
Please check the detailed information below!

【February 3 (Sat.) Book1st Shinjuku Store, Tokyo】

【February 4 (Sun.) Kinokuniya Books Grand Front Osaka Store, Osaka】

■Online reservation
【Exclusive bonus available in online stores: Postcard】
Amazon (https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4575313432)
Rakuten Books (https://books.rakuten.co.jp/rb/15298542/)
LAWSON TICKET HMV (http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/8462894)

【Exclusive bonus available in EXILE TRIBE STATION: B3-sized poster (First come, first served)】

【Book Data】
Book name: Nobuyuki Suzuki's 1st Photo Book "FACE"
Photographer: Atsuko Kitaura
Price: 2,300 yen + tax
Format: B5
Release date: Scheduled to be released on February 2, 2018

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