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Sho Aoyagi's first photo essay "Sho Aoyagi / Aoyanagi Sho" to be released on 5/24 (Thu.)!

Sho Aoyagi's first photo essay "Sho Aoyagi / Aoyanagi Sho" will be released on 5/24 (Thu.)!
All the photos are taken by photographer Tomoki Kuwajima!

Be sure to wait for its release!

"Sho Aoyagi / Aoyanagi Sho"

The real side of Sho Aoyagi and his sincere words will be unveiled for the first time.
We only live once--. Coming from Hokkaido to Tokyo, Sho Aoyagi became a member from GEKIDAN EXILE.
In this photo essay, apart from photos of various scenes in the past year which show the real side of Sho Aoyagi,
his past conflicts and hope will also be presented to you.

Cherry blossom near Zenpukuji, sea fishing in summer, Tokyo in autumn, night scenes of Odaiba in winter... There are scenes of all the 4 seasons. Exciting recording, drama shooting, stage greeting of the movie starring Sho Aoyagi (with the appearance of many famous actors and actresses), magazine cover photo shooting, location shooting for a program in Hokkaido with smiles, CD release event with a great numbers of fans, location shooting for a movie in Kitakyushu (acting as a less-known Enka singer), music video shooting... Sho Aoyagi's work sites in the past year will be presented. You can see the real side of Sho Aoyagi in all the 4 seasons which can only be enjoyed here!

»Sample Image«

After practicing football in Hokkaido in his boyhood and youth, Sho Aoyagi came to Tokyo with the hope of becoming a singer. However, things didn't go as he had expected. "Will it be okay for me to stay here?"... "What can I do now?"... After a year full of troubles, the world that he saw is......

A5 Size / Soft cover / 256 pages / Full color
2,300 yen + tax (tentative)
■Release Day
May 24 (Thu.)
*The first press comes with a limited bonus.

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