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【Exclusive advance reservations for EXILE TRIBE mobile site members will start from 18:00 on 5/18 (Fri.)】"Izakaya EXILE on Trip ~UNITED JOURNEY KITCHEN~ in OSAKA" coming soon!


During GENERATIONS' memorable first dome tour - GENERATIONS LIVE TOUR 2018 "UNITED JOURNEY",
Izakaya EXILE on Trip will open FOOD corner, OKASHI corner and ENNICHI corner!

In the FOOD corner, we have prepared 7 original dishes created by the GENERATIONS members!
In the OKASHI corner, we have prepared snacks featuring the members' cute cartoon characters dressed in sailors' clothes and sailing on the sea♪

In addition to snacks celebrating their 1st dome tour and lunch bag suitable for going out in summer, the water supply item which was very popular during the "MAD CYCLONE" tour will also appear!

Please restore your energy in Izakaya EXILE on Trip and set sail for UNITED JOURNEY!

Before the opening of "Izakaya EXILE on Trip" at Osaka Show on 5/25 (Fri.), we accept advance reservations for the OKASHI corner from 18:00 on 5/18 (Fri.), which is a bonus "exclusive for EXILE TRIBE mobile site members"!
*Since many products were in short supply during the advance reservations and the sales on the event day at Nagoya Dome, we recommend that you make an order as soon as possible.

Don't miss out!

■Alan Shirahama "Tension a Girl Z" ¥800
■Ryota Katayose "Prince Katayose's Shuwakyun Soda Jelly" ¥600
■Ryuto Kazuhara "Kazu~ no Tama♡" 800 yen
■Hayato Komori "HAYATO's Happy Cocoa" ¥700
■Reo Sano "Ichigorilla" ¥700
■Mandy Sekiguchi "Umendy Bar" ¥700
■Yuta Nakatsuka "Yuta's Happy Cheese Ball" ¥800

■UJG SET: ¥3,000
GENE tablet (exclusive SET)
GENE potato stick (exclusive SET coming with a card)
GENE water (exclusive SET coming with a neck strap)
Clear lunch bag
■GENE candy (lemon flavor) ~Comes with an Inoue Tettsu Pouch~: ¥3,000
■Caramel popcorn ~Comes with GENE Pouch~: ¥2,500
■Enjoy UNITED JOURNEY♪ ~Osaka takoyaki pancake~ (Only available in Osaka): ¥1,300
■GENE tablet (15 types / peach mint flavor): ¥850
■GENE potato stick with a card: ¥500
■GENE water with a neck strap: ¥500

■GENE fortune slip
■GENE ring

【Opening Hours】
5/25 (Fri.)
~FOOD corner & ENNICHI corner~
Sales period: 12:00 ~ 18:30 (one hour after the end of the performance)
~OKASHI corner~
Sales period: 13:00 ~ 18:30 (one hour after the end of the performance)

5/26 (Sat.)
~FOOD corner & ENNICHI corner~
Sales period: 10:00 ~ 17:00 (one hour after the end of the performance)
~OKASHI corner~
Sales period: 11:00 ~ 17:00 (one hour after the end of the performance)

5/27 (Sun.)
~FOOD corner & ENNICHI corner~
Sales period: 9:00 ~ 15:00 (one hour after the end of the performance)
~OKASHI corner~
Sales period: 10:00 ~ 15:00 (one hour after the end of the performance)

【Available time slot for advance reservations】
5/25 (Fri.)
①12:00 ~ 15:00 or ②15:00 ~ 18:30
5/26 (Sat.)
①10:00 ~ 14:00 or ②14:00 ~ 17:00
5/27 (Sun.)
①9:00 ~ 12:00 or ②12:00 ~ 15:00

Food Booth
Kyocera Dome Osaka in Osaka

【Detailed information about advance reservations】
■Advance reservations will start from 18:00 on 5/18 (Fri.).
■Only "EXILE TRIBE mobile site members with credit cards can make a reservation.
~EXILE TRIBE mobile~
TOP→GENERATIONS→UNITED JOURNEY→Izakaya EXILE on Trip→Advance reservations
■Advance reservations at Kyocera Dome Osaka
Three days including 5/18 (Fri.), 5/19 (Sat.) and 5/20 (Sun.)
Products will be handed to you at the venue. ~Kyocera Dome Osaka~

*Products are provided in a limited quantity and the reservation sales will be over once all the products are sold out. Please make a purchase as soon as possible.
*Although the products are scheduled to be sold on the event days, the sales may also be canceled due to storage shortage. Please choose advance reservations if possible.

*Products may not be available due to the limited quantity.
*Depending on the degree of overcrowding, customers who make a purchase on the event days or come to get their reserved products may get their products earlier or later than the scheduled time.
*After making an advance reservation, you cannot cancel your reservation or change your products or the date of picking up your products.
*Please wash your hands and eat your food as soon as you purchase it.
*The Izakaya may be suspended or closed in case of stormy weather.
*The opening time may be changed at any time depending on the crowed situation and the weather.
*Since most activities will be carried out outdoors, please be sure to take measures in order to not to get a heatstroke. You may have to wait in line for a while.

Please understand the above notice beforehand.
*Detailed information for other venues is to be announced.

☆Click here to make a reservation☆

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