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A touching love story
starring Takanori Iwata and Hana Sugisaki has been created!
Their straightforward and pure love will capture your heart!
"Perfect World Kimi to Iru Kiseki"
will be released nationwide on 10/5 (Fri.)!!

Trailer unveiled!!

Special promotion video

The story of "Perfect World Kimi to Iru Kiseki" starts with the reunion between the heroine and her first love who is now confined to a wheelchair. It is a complicated love story about people with disabilities and how they deal with difficulties in work, life and love life!
Iwata plays the hero Itsuki Ayukawa, an architect who became handicapped at the lower part of the body due to an accident and is now confined to a wheelchair.

The original manga depicts the reunion between the heroine and her first love and the feeling of "love" hits her again. While faced with the obstacles that cannot be overcome, the protagonists express their feelings for each other straightforwardly and endeavor to optimistically move forward together. The manga has gained widespread support and touched the hearts of many people.
This manga is popular not just in Japan but abroad as well. It has been translated into different languages and is available in 10 countries. In France, it received the Best Girls' Comic of 2016 award of the long-established manga magazine "Animeland" through both editorial staff selection and popular vote!

Please stay tuned for this heartwarming love story in autumn 2018 which touches people with its positive energy and pureness!

This world
is imperfect without you...

Seven years later, Tsugumi Kawana (Hana Sugisaki), an interior designer, encounters Itsuki Ayukawa (Takanori Iwata), her first love and her senior from high school.
However, he is physically disabled due to an accident happened when he was a university student and lives in a wheelchair.
Tsugumi hesitates at the beginning, but as she comes in contact with Itsuki who lives a positive life as an architect, she could not stop herself from loving him more and more.

"I love you. Even now."
Tsugumi expresses her feelings for Itsuki straightforwardly.

"I have decided to live my life alone."
Itsuki whose heart is shut opens up eventually.

They find happiness together, yet some unexpected thing happens shortly...
Meeting their loved one, they overcome obstacles and their hearts grow fonder. How will their love story end...

【Takanori Iwata's Comment】
It is the first time for me to play a manga character and a disabled character.
It is a complicated story about sharing a life with your loved one who has physical disabilities. To get close to the character, I will learn my part by heart and present a remarkable performance.

Takanori Iwata
Hana Sugisaki
Kenta Suga
Sei Ashina
Aya Omasa
Kazue Ito
Mantaro Koichi
Naomi Zaizen
Rie Aruga "Perfect World" (currently running on KODANSHA's "Kiss")
【Theme Song】
E-girls "Perfect World"
Kenji Shibayama
Keiko Kanome
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