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Kenchi Tachibana will appear on InterFM897/RadioNEO 79.5/FM COCOLO 765 "BEAMS TOKYO CULTURE STORY THE RADIO #37" from 6/11 (Mon.) to 6/15 (Fri.)!

"BEAMS TOKYO CULTURE STORY THE RADIO" is a one-week talk show.
BEAMS's communication director Hiroshi Doiji will invite guests who are carrying out activities in various fields and talk with them about their "obsessions" got from the influence of various cultural sources such as fashion, music, art, etc.

The guest for this week is Kenchi Tachibana.
Apart from music and stage activities, Kenchi Tachibana also serves as the owner of online bookstore "TACHIBANA BOOKSTORE". He will talk about his encounter with books, the charm of books and other awesome topics!

Don't miss out!

【Program Info】

You can listen to the show on the following radio stations.
◆InterFM897 (Kanto area)
From Monday through Friday 17:40-17:55
◆Radio NEO (Chukyo area)
From Monday through Friday 17:40-17:55
◆FM COCOLO765 (Kansai area)
From Monday through Thursday 19:43-19:58
Fridays 18:43-18:58

◆Program Homepage: http://www.beams.co.jp/special/theradio/btcs/