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Analog records of EXILE ATSUSHI & Char's "Ningen no Shoumei no Thema"
and EXILE ATSUSHI's second solo album "Music"
will be released on 6/28 (Wed.)!

The music video of "Ningen no Shoumei no Thema" which was filmed overseas has been unveiled! This is also the latest video of EXILE ATSUSHI who is studying abroad now!

The notable "Ningen no Shoumei no Thema" is the theme song for the critical acclaimed movie "Proof of the Man" starring Yusaku Matsuda in 1977. Originally sung by the late Joe Yamanaka, this song has been reproduced by ATSUSHI and Joe Yamanaka's partner, Char. Char's melancholic guitar playing and ATSUSHI's singing filled with love for mothers created a wonderful cover version of this touchy and well-known song.
A special guitar version which ATSUSHI yearned for is recorded as the B-side track! You can enjoy Char's melancholic guitar playing in this version!

The music video of this cover version was made in high regard to the film and its original theme song.
In this music video, ATSUSHI plays a man who is wandering on strange streets looking for the figure of his mother, conveying the theme "I miss you, mum". ATSUSHI sorrowfully sings his love to his mother against the backdrop of "Tantalus Hill", a charming scenery impressing people through the lyrics, which is a must-see!

The splendid solo album "Music" consists of three 12-inch analog records which includes songs he performed with Shunsuke Kiyokiba and the cover version of the songs included in the bonus disc of EXILE Chapter 1 first press edition!

The first press limited edition of these 2 works will be released on 6/28 (Wed.)! Be sure to make an order as soon as possible♪

Ningen no Shoumei no Thema (7-inch analog record / First press limited edition) / EXILE ATSUSHI & Char
【Release Date】June 28, 2017
【Product No.】AQK1-77305
【Price】1,600 yen + tax

Ningen no Shoumei no Thema / EXILE ATSUSHI & Char

Ningen no Shoumei no Thema / Char

【Music Video】

【Photos of the analog record】

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Music (12-inch analog record (3-in-1 set) / Sumapura service available / 3-layer box / First press limited edition) / EXILE ATSUSHI
【Release Date】June 28, 2017
【Product No.】AQJ1-77310~12
【Price】4,500 yen + tax

2 Colorful Love
3 MELROSE ~Aisanai Yakusoku~
4 Real Valentine

1 Michishirube
2 Soredemo, Ikiteyuku / EXILE ATSUSHI & Nobuyuki Tsujii
3 Zange / EXILE ATSUSHI & Joe Hisaishi
4 LA LA ~Kodoku na Yoru ni~

1 Aoi Ryu
2 Interlude
3 Furusato

1 Kirameki no Uta
2 Akatombo
3 Aisansan
4 ALIVE feat. m-flo

1 Choo Choo TRAIN
2 Eternal...
3 Sunadokei

1 fallin' / EXILE ATSUSHI & Shunsuke Kiyokiba
2 The Impossible Is Real ~My Lucky Star~ / EXILE ATSUSHI & Shunsuke Kiyokiba

【Photos of the analog records】

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