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new single "Summer Lover"
will be released on 6/28 (Wed.)!

3 months after the release of album "BORN TO BE WILD"
which debuted at No.1 on ORICON Weekly Albums Rankings
and Billboard Japan Hot Albums,
they will release a new single!

FC & mobile bonus

Nationwide CD shops bonus

☆Track Details (tentative)
1. Summer Lover
2. Body
3. Summer Lover (Instrumental)
4. Body (Instrumental)

1. Summer Lover (Music Video)
2. EXILE THE SECOND "Summer Lover" Documentary
*Title is tentative.
⇒M2 is included only in exclusive item RZC1-86360/B【CD+DVD】.

☆Product Type *3 types in total
RZCD-86358/B【CD+DVD】 \1,800 + tax
RZCD-86359【CD】 \1,000 + tax
RZC1-86360/B【CD+DVD】 \2,222 + tax
*RZC1-86360/B【CD+DVD】 is an exclusive item which is only available in EX FAMILY OFFICIAL CD/DVD SHOP, LDH official mobile CD/DVD SHOP and mu-mo Shop.