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solo mini album
"All-The-Time Memories"
will be released on 12/6 (Wed.)!

EXILE TAKAHIRO's solo mini album "All-The-Time Memories" will be released on 12/6 (Wed.). The music video for "BLACK BEANZ" from this mini album has been unveiled on AbemaTV's special program aired to celebrate the release of this album!!
In continuation of "Irish Blue" and "memories", the 3rd music video "BLACK BEANZ" has been unveiled!

Music video for "BLACK BEANZ" has been unveiled!

"BLACK BEANZ" is jointly produced by Seiji Kameda and EXILE TAKAHIRO. Adding a contemporary arrangement to the rockabilly of the 1950s, they created a fun song which can make you unintentionally move your body.
During the production process, TAKAHIRO and Kameda hoped that a female singer with cute voice could join TAKAHIRO in the chorus part and the lines. TAKAHIRO mentioned Dream Ami's name first and then they directly invited her. Dream Ami accepted their invitation, so such a special collaboration has been realized.

The music video is about overseas golden age of rockabilly in 1950s. With its comical stage arrangement, this music video is full of humor. Featuring cool TAKAHIRO who sings as a rockabilly star and Dream Ami who shows cute expressions, this special video with a wonderful atmosphere is something not to be missed!

Music video for "memories" has been unveiled!

TAKAHIRO wanted "memories" to be a simple but beautiful song. Written and composed by TAKAHIRO and arranged by producer Seiji Kameda, this song is simple but magnificent and fantastic ballade with lyrics that straightly expressing ephemeral thoughts and the charm of beautiful chord progression.
Themed upon "memories" TAKAHIRO put in this song, the music video depicts a love story between a man and a woman produced by director Shiro Tokiwa who created many masterpieces and won awards on film competitions.
This heart-wrenching work draws viewers into a world of fantasy where they can follow the trace of a beautiful and ephemeral love story.

Crossed memories of two people. An ephemeral miracle story happened on a foggy day.
He never stops caring about her. Neither does she give up looking for him. Soon, these two reach a certain place…

Music video for "Irish Blue" has been unveiled!

"Irish Blue" is specially produced for TAKAHIRO by GLAY's TAKURO whom TAKAHIRO has a lot of respect for since his younger days. The magnificent worldview of the lyrics matches with the beautiful melody, making it a catchy and refreshing rock tune.

The music video for this song is created by director Hiroyuki Nakano who has presented a number of popular films so far. It was produced based on TAKAHIRO's artistic and fantastic worldview.
A fantasy world is created in this music video by reflecting a giant moon on the surface of water using with projector.
In the finished music video, there are dynamic lip-sync scenes as well as scenes of TAKAHIRO gracefully playing guitar while rising splashes of water. The elements of rock and art throughout the music video are completely synchronized, which makes this song a fusion of rock and art with an excellent artistic charm!

In addition to "memories", EXILE TAKAHIRO's much-anticipated solo mini album also contains original songs "SUNSET KISS" and "Harue" for which TAKAHIRO himself created the lyrics and music, "Alone" and "BLACK BEANZ" jointly produced by TAKAHIRO and Mr. Kameda as well as "Irish Blue", a new work produced by TAKURO from GLAY whom TAKAHIRO has been admired since he was young.
Apart from new music videos, the album also contains live footage included in DVD for the first time. TAKAHIRO's solo mini album which will open a new chapter of his solo activities will be released next week! Be sure to wait and check it out!

Some photos from the booklet and documentary photo book unveiled!
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【Product Type】
【CD+DVD】 ?3,000+tax [RZCD-86429/B]
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【CD only】 ?2,000+tax [RZCD-86431]

1. Eternal Love
2. Irish Blue
3. memories
4. Alone
7. Harue

memories (Music Video)
Irish Blue (Music Video)
BLACK BEANZ (Music Video)
Eternal Love (Short Film) *About 30 minutes (scheduled)

<HiGH & LOW THE LIVE @ Kyocera Dome Osaka> (Recorded on DVD for the first time)
TIME FLIES / ACE OF SPADES×PKCZ? feat. Hiroomi Tosaka

Unmei no Hito
Choo Choo TRAIN

【Specification of the first edition】
A 100-page documentary photo book which records the production process of the mini album will be enclosed.
Deluxe BOX Case & Digipak