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"EXILE CUP" is a futsal tournament started in 2010 for children between the 4th and 6th grades of elementary school. The photo exhibit of "EXILE CUP" is coming soon!
"EXILE CUP PHOTO EXHIBIT" will be held in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture where "EXILE CUP 2017 National Finals" will be held on 12/10 (Sun.)!

Photos of previous tournaments and photos of teams which advanced to this year's finals will be shown here!!

There is also a gift project for people who come to see "EXILE CUP PHOTO EXHIBIT" and "EXILE CUP 2017 National Finals". Please check it out!!

(Open space in front of SAC'S BAR ANOTHER LOUNGE on the 2F)

■Exhibition Period
11/30 (Thu.) ~ 12/10 (Sun.)
*The photo exhibit is available within the business hours of AEON MALL IMABARISHINTOSHI.

★Paper application for the gift project★
【EXILE CUP 2017 National Finals】
12/10 (Sun.)

Arigatou Service. Yume Stadium / Imabari Municipal Sports Park Football Field

■Application box set up time
8:30 ~ 13:00
*Each person can make only one application.

~Step 1~
Get the application form at the venue of "EXILE CUP PHOTO EXHIBIT"!

~Step 2~
Put the application form into the application box at the venue of "EXILE CUP 2017 National Finals"!

~Step 3~
We will choose three winners via lottery and give them Size 1 soccer balls with the handwritten signatures of EXILE ?SA and other guests!

EXILE CUP Executive Office will pick the winners from all applicants through a fair and just lottery in early January.
Instead of announcing the winners, we will directly send the gifts to the winners.

We are looking forward to your participation!

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