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produce for ELLE charity project

In order to support the reconstruction after the earthquake in Kumamoto and the heavy rain in northern Kyushu, ELLE is carrying out a charity project.
Produced by ELLE, original charity goods created in collaboration between the new brand "Fluid" and "THE NINE WORLDS" which is Keiji Kuroki's entertainment project will finally be released!

T-shirts, caps and scarves will be sold from 10:00 on 9/28 (Thu.) at "ELLE SHOP". All the profits will be donated by "ELLE SHOP", "THE NINE WORLDS" and "Fluid" to northern Kyushu which was affected by the heavy rain and Kumamoto which was affected by the earthquake.

Please visit the webpage of "ELLE SHOP" to check out details about the products.

Click here to visit ELLE SHOP

【Product Details】
■I am next to you. Embroidered Cap
Price: 9,180 yen (tax included)
Color: Black / White / Smoky Pink / Smoky Blue

Message from Keiji Kuroki
I want to liven up Kyushu and Kumamoto with all of you! With this idea in my mind, I embroidered "I am next to you." on this cap. I wanted to create a charity item that could be used in daily life, so I designed this simple but easy to pair cap.

■Scarf with gentian print (ribbon)
Price: 4,320 yen (tax included)
Size: Length 85cm / Width 5cm
*Advance reservations (Scheduled to be delivered in early November)

■Scarf with gentian print (square)
Price: 6,480 yen (tax included)
Size: 51cm×51cm
*Advance reservations (Scheduled to be delivered in early November)

Message from Keiji Kuroki
This scarf is printed with gentian flower from Kumamoto prefecture. I like its color and the design also has the Japanese style. "The color of gentian" can make us feel calm and I really like it very much. I knew that gentian in flower language means "I love you who are sad" when I chose it. Various things connected in my heart, so I wanted to print gentian on scarves. It has a unisex design, so I also want to tie it to my bag.

■T-shirt with "I am next to you." printed on the back
Price: 5,400 yen (tax included)
Color: White
Size: S, M, L

Message from Keiji Kuroki
This T-shirt is printed with a photo of airoport taken by Yoshikazu Shiraki who is a photographer from Kumamoto. He is also in favor of this project. A plane taking off in this photo contains the image and the idea of "heading for brand new things together". That is why I chose this photo. I hope you can wear this T-shirt when you challenge new things with this new feelings.