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EXILE TAKAHIRO will release his much-anticipated solo mini album "All-The-Time Memories" on 12/6 (Wed.) next week.
In celebration of its release, a special program will be aired on Abema TV over two weeks on 12/2 (Sat.) and 12/9 (Sat.)!

A special feature on music videos and live footages will be aired in the first week on 12/2 (Sat.)!
Music videos for songs included in the album "All-The-Time Memories" scheduled for release on 12/6 (Wed.) including "memories" for which TAKAHIRO wrote the lyrics himself and "Irish Blue" which was specially produced for TAKAHIRO by GLAY's TAKURO whom TAKAHIRO has a lot of respect for since his younger days will be aired. You can also see music videos for the single "Eternal Love" released in October and his previous solo songs!

Moreover, the music video for the new song "BLACK BEANZ" will be unveiled for the first time on this program!
Dream Ami has participated in the production of the music and music video!!
The stage of the music video is set in the western world during the golden days of rockabilly in the 1950s. The whole work has a comical touch and the scenes are full of humor. During the chorus part, TAKAHIRO dresses as a rockabilly star and sings the song in a very cool manner while Dream Ami is performing a cute dance beside him, creating a fantastic atmosphere. Don't miss out!

What's more, you will also see the live footage of "TIME FLIES" presented by ACE OF SPADES × PKCZ? feat. Hiroomi Tosaka on the final show of "HiGH & LOW THE LIVE" held at Kyocera Dome Osaka in 2016 which is included in a DVD for the first time and the live footage of "Unmei no Hito" performed on "CLUB HAKATAZA".

Abema TV Special Live Show by EXILE TAKAHIRO will be aired in the second week on 12/9 (Sat.)!
TAKAHIRO will appear live and talk about the charm of his solo mini album. His original performance will be aired exclusively on Abema TV!

Apart from the original songs for which TAKAHIRO himself created the lyrics and music, the song jointly produced by TAKAHIRO and Mr. Kameda after many discussions and "Irish Blue" specially produced for TAKAHIRO by GLAY's TAKURO, he plans to perform many songs included in this album on this special live show for the first time! Be sure to watch it!!

Please stay tuned for EXILE TAKAHIRO's solo mini album "All-The-Time Memories" which will open a new chapter of his solo activities!

【Information about Abema TV Special Program】

"EXILE TAKAHIRO 'BLACK BEANZ' To be unveiled for the first time! Music Video & Live Footage Special"
12/2 (Sat.) 22:00 ~ 23:00 (tentative)
Broadcast Channel: Abema SPECIAL 2
Broadcast URL: https://abema.tv/channels/special-plus/slots/9a92JnJEBxZHL3

"EXILE TAKAHIRO Abema TV Original Live Show"
12/9 (Sat.) 20:00 ~ 21:00 (tentative)
Broadcast Channel: Abema SPECIAL
Broadcast URL: https://abema.tv/channels/abema-special/slots/9a92Lc6hq9f2by