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On 4/4 (Tue.), EXILE TAKAHIRO presented his calligraphic work to Okinawa Karate Kaikan in Okinawa Prefecture, the birthplace of karate. 

On the same day, he appeared at the opening ceremony with Takeshi Onaga, a governor of Okinawa Prefecture and showed his calligraphic work "清"(sei) for the first time. This character is from "清ら手 (Churadeii)" which means "beautiful karate"!

His work is opened to the public from 4/6 (Thu.) at Okinawa Karate Kaikan.
Be sure to check it out!!

【EXILE TAKAHIRO's message】

I started practicing karate since early childhood. Looking back now, it occurs to me, that karate also helped me to nurture my spiritual base.
I always kept in mind that I shall repay karate one day, in whatever way... Thus this time, I realized my dream to some extent by writing this calligraphic work "清". It is such a great delight for me.

I know this is impertinent of me to say this, but I feel that karate has the pure and dignified sides. Therefore, this time I tried to show these sides of karate as well as the contrast of its gentleness and strength using a brush.

In calligraphy we also kind of confront ourselves. The thoughts we put in our works are the questions we have for the current ourselves. Therefore, I will always bear the ideas I put in this work in mind and become more mature as a human being, an artist and as a man who practiced karate.

Moreover, karate has officially been chosen as Olympic sport in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. I do not know how helpful I can be, but I will do my best to make karate more exciting in my own way.