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Thanks for your
warm support all along!

I have an announcement to make
about my personal matter today.
I am really sorry
if you feel surprised to hear the sudden news.

I take this opportunity
to tell my constant supporters

Emi Takei and I
are married.

And we will have a new member in our family
next spring.

in 2006 when I was 21.
I stepped into a world unknown to me and was selected to be a member of EXILE at Budokan.
Fans unconditionally accepted me with smiles...
From that moment on,
my EXILE life started with EXILE's chapter 2.

I have learnt a lot
in the past 11 years
and also had
happy and regrettable experiences.

As a member of EXILE,
I sometimes throw my fans into surprise and confusion.
But I have no fear of change and
like to turn obstacles into opportunities
and to turn those opportunities into bigger ones
so that I can keep going forward.
I forge ahead to realize the great dream of
making EXILE eternal with fans.

I once slid to the lowest point of life and had struggling days after failure...
I have had
tough times.
Thanks to my fans who always appear in front me with the most beautiful smiles,
it gave me hope
and bolstered me in that period of time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The history and memories created together with
EXILE members, staff and, most importantly, all my fans
fill up my EXILE life.

I am very sorry to
announce the news of me getting married so suddenly
without fully expressing my appreciation to you.

Emi Takei and I
got to know each other during the filming of a TV drama.
While getting along well as co-stars,
I was deeply attracted by
her positive working attitude,
considerate care to others,
love to family members
as well as her pure and beautiful heart.
We started dating under the premise of marriage.
We stay close to each other and
share the same dream and aspiration.

You may feel surprised by this sudden message.
I am sorry
for not
informing you until now.

all fans are eagerly waiting for various events.
I will definitely bring you an enjoyable entertainment...

I am still not mature enough.
But I will never stop moving forward
as long as there are opportunities for me.
I will work hard and face myself as a performer.
I will refine my skills with gratitude and aspiration.
I will be more mature and repay you with enchanting songs.
I will make every effort to reach these goals. Please give me warm support as always.