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Episode 37 of AbemaTV's "BPM ~BEST PEOPLE's MUSIC~",
the first program produced by Keiji Kuroki,
will be aired from 21:00 on 7/8 (Sat.).

This episode is a 90 minute extended special!
GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE who will release their 4th album "Namida wo nagasenai Pierrot wa Taiyou mo Tsuki mo nai Sora wo miageta" on 7/5 (Wed.) will appear on BPM for the first time!
GENERATIONS vs. Keiji Kuroki?!
Keiji will battle against GENERATIONS in a way proposed by the GENERATIONS members!
They will also perform songs from their new album which can only be seen on BPM!

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As a member of EXILE and EXILE THE SECOND,
Keiji Kuroki will invite artists he wants to introduce and present a special package including special performances and talk shows which can only be seen on BPM☆

It is a wonderful 1-hour program produced by Keiji Kuroki! Don't miss it!

MC: Keiji Kuroki
AMC: Moeka Nozaki

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