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A backstage event will be held for EXILE TRIBE FAMILY members who have LDH official credit card "EXILE TRIBE CARD" after the show of "EXILE ATSUSHI PREMIUM LIVE 2018" ends!
Please make an application after confirming the following details and notice!!

【Schedule of the special photography event】
2/28 (Wed.) Kyocera Dome Osaka in Osaka
3/1 (Thu.) Kyocera Dome Osaka in Osaka
*8 members in 4 groups will be invited on each day of the show.

【Application Method】
You can make an application on the "Viewing, Invitation & Presents" page on the website of EXILE TRIBE FAMILY.

【Application Deadline】
2/21 (Wed.) 10:00

▼Please access EXILE TRIBE FAMILY website for more details!