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Kenzo Kitakata (author) and Kenchi Tachibana
will appear at the live talk show
jointly presented by SHUEISHA × LDH × Asahi Shimbun
to celebrate the publication of the historical novel "Genghis-Ki"!

To celebrate the publication of the historical novel "Genghis-Ki", the author Kenzo Kitakata and Kenchi Tachibana will hold a live talk show at Marubiru Hall, Tokyo from 19:00 on 8/20/2018 (Mon.).

"Genghis-Ki" is a historical novel that depicts the life of Genghis Khan who laid the foundation of the Mongolia Empire.
Among the vast imagery backed by field reporting, the life of the young man Temujin who became the later Genghis Khan is vividly portrayed.

Viewers are wanted for this event and we will announce detailed information about the application process on Asahi Shimbun newspaper and the official website of "Genghis-Ki" on 7/16/2018 (Mon. & Holiday).

【Event Info】
Live talk show celebrating the publication of Genghis-Kii "Kenzo Kitakata × Kenchi Tachibana: Skyline of Music and Literature"
◆Schedule: 8/20/2018 (Mon.) 19:00 Start ~ 21:00 End (Open 18:00)
◆Venue: Marubiru Hall
7F&8F, Marubiru, 2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-6390
*Free admission
*Please visit the official website of "Genghis-Ki" and apply through Asahi Shimbun's form.
*We will invite 300 people via lottery in case of too many applicants.
◆Application time: Applications are scheduled to start from 7/16 (Mon. & Holiday). Detailed information is scheduled to be announced on the following website.
◆Genghis-Ki official website: https://www.shueisha.co.jp/kitakata/chingisuki/