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"RIZZOLI", a famous bookstore / publisher in New York City, released a hardcover photo book "Hiro in Exile The Creation of a J-pop Empire"!

Books provided in a limited quantity will be sold at EXILE TRIBE STATION. Purchasers can get original bonuses including a booklet translated into Japanese and an original shopping bag!
The history of LDH is presented in this 272-page book with 400 photos. It can also be called a timeless edition with the deluxe contents!

So far, RIZZOLI has published photo books of many famous overseas artists. It is the first time for RIZZOLI to publish an art book about an Asian pop artist.

The book will be sold at EXILE TRIBE STATION TOKYO, OSAKA and ONLINE SHOP from 12:00 on 4/19 (Thu.)!
Stay tuned!

【Original bonus: original shopping bag】

【Message from RIZZOLI editor Ian Luna】
"I cannot compare LDH organization to a western artist management company or a media company. It is very unique and arouses my interest. Management industry is common to see in America, but LDH is the first company in this field to cover the business of record companies, release movies and magazines as well as run schools and restaurants. LDH started as a small company, but it does not lose its aspiration and creativity even after 10 years. It's really hard to do so. Mr. HIRO's vision of entertainment industry is not confined to stereotypes. His unique and broad view is well-applied in each project and yields optimal results. He set a good example for us. I feel honored to show Mr. HIRO's achievements through editing this book."

【Message from EXILE HIRO】
"It took about 3 years to produce this outstanding photo book since the time-honored publisher, RIZZOLI, had gotten to know LDH Entertainment. I am full of gratitude to them. RIZZOLI also has published photo books of artists and brands famous all over the world. I hope the book can let everyone know about Japanese entertainment and become interested in Japanese entertainment industry."