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Alan Shirahama's first photo book
will be released on 11/21 (Tue.)!!
GENERATIONS will celebrate its 5th debut anniversary soon. Alan Shirahama's first photo book "TIMBRE" scheduled for release on 11/21 (Tue.) is now available for reservations!
He has created an original world view inspired by the key word "TIMBRE"!
From punk style to stylish and vibrant sporty outfits, this photo book shows us a sexy and naughty Alan Shirahama. His fans will be overjoyed to have it!
Moreover, in his first 20,000 character interview, Alan Shirahama's roots as well as interesting episodes of GENERATIONS are fully unveiled.
On the attached DVD, in addition to the making of the photo book, undisclosed photos of relaxed Alan that were shot on a southern island and which are not included in the photo book will also be unveiled for the first time!

~Message from ALAN~

【Bonus for purchasers】
*Please ask the store for detailed information of each bonus.

・EXILE TRIBE STATION B3-sized double-sided poster

B3-sized double-sided posters will be given to customers who purchase the product in EXILE TRIBE STATION ONLINE SHOP on a first come, first served basis! The posters are only available while supplies last!
*The poster will be folded for delivery if you make a purchase online.
*The poster is scheduled to be delivered by the end of November.

■Exclusive bonus available at TSUTAYA
During the campaign period, we will choose 1,000 people via lottery from those who use T Card to purchase the designated product in eligible TSUTAYA BOOKS stores and make an application online as well as those who purchase the designated product in TSUTAYA ONLINE SHOP and invite them to the TSUTAYA Release Celebration Event (high-five event)!
Moreover, customers who purchase the photo book in the real store will receive an exclusive bookmark on a first come, first served basis!
~TSUTAYA Special Website~

■Exclusive bonus available at designated stores
・Exclusive photo card at stores
In celebration of its release, customers who purchase the photo book from designated bookstores in Shibuya, Tokyo will receive a store-limited photo card as a present!
~Designated Stores~
・SHIBUYA TSUTAYA BOOKS: http://store-tsutaya.tsite.jp/storelocator/detail/2312.html
・Taiseido Book Store: http://www.taiseido.co.jp/
・TOWER RECORDS Shibuya Store: http://towershibuya.jp/
・HMV&BOOKS TOKYO: http://www.hmv.co.jp/select/hmvbooks
・BOOKS KINOKUNIYA Seibu Shibuya Store: https://www.kinokuniya.co.jp/c/store/Seibu-Shibuya-Store/shopinfo.html

【Eligible Websites】
Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4198643539/
TSUTAYA: http://shop.tsutaya.co.jp/book/product/2210100000499/
Seven Net Shopping: http://7net.omni7.jp/detail/1106826297
TOWER RECORDS: http://tower.jp/item/4632016
HMV: http://tower.jp/item/4632016
Rakuten Books: https://books.rakuten.co.jp/rb/15215074/
honto: http://www.e-hon.ne.jp/bec/SA/Detail?refBook=978-4-19-864353-9&Sza_id=MM

【Product Info】
■Title / TIMBRE
■ISBN / 978-4-19-864353-9
■Price / 1,850 yen (tax not included)
■Size / B5 Soft cover (Full color / 120P) attached with a DVD
■Author / Written by: Alan Shirahama / Photographed by: Takaya Endo
■Release Date / Nationwide release on November 21, 2017
■Website / Alan Shirahama's First Photo Book TIMBRE Special Website